Guitar player, teacher, song writer.
He approaches the instrument at a young age, starting with classical guitar at the age of 10.
Shortly after, his passion for modern music led him to study with several teachers and to deepen the electric rock blues, jazz guitar, the fingerpicking techniques, bass damping, thumbpicking and the use of open tunings on acoustic guitar.
The turning point came about at the age of 16 with the decision to pursue classical studies at the Conservatory G. Nicolini of Piacenza where he graduated in 2004.
He received diplomas in:
“License of Theory, Solfeggio and Melodic Dictation” at the Conservatory A. Vivaldi of Novara
“First Level of Classical Guitar” (5th year) at the Conservatory G. Nicolini of Piacenza
“Harmony” at the Conservatory of Cuneo G.F. Ghedini
“History of Music” at the Conservatory G. Nicolini of Piacenza
“Middle Level of Classical Guitar” (8th year) at the Conservatory G. Nicolini of Piacenza
In October 2004 he graduated in “Advanced Classical Guitar” (10th year) at the Conservatory G. Nicolini of Piacenza.
He studied guitar under Pieralberto Pizzolotto, harmony under Luca Macchi and music history under Paola Colombo.
He attended the International Masterclass of improvement under the composer Angelo Gilardino, Luigi Biscaldi and Piera D’Adomo.
He collaborated with Emanuele Segre with whom he coordinated a Masterclass that recently reached the 10th edition.
In parallel with the classical studies, he deepened the modern guitar in all its forms and styles studying under Davide Facchini, Paolo Dal Broi and then under Luciano Zadro. He then devoted himself to his own stylistic research aimed at merging the theoretical and instrumental knowledge of the classical and the modern guitar world.
Since 2017 he is Guitar Tutor for the London College of Music RGT @ LCM.
Strong teaching activity:
Jardin Musical of Lugano, Bellinzona, Morbio (CH) where he teaches classical guitar, modern harmony and music theory.
Civico Liceo Musicale R. Malipiero of Varese where he teaches classical guitar.
Mondo Musica of Varese where he teaches classical and modern guitar.
Since 2016 he collaborates with Backline for Suhr, Tech 21, Strymon, Mooer.
Since 2017 he collaborates with Schertler Acoustics Swiss Made / SR TECHNOLOGY as ambassador with Bad Wine Acoustic Duo.
Since 2018 he is endorser pro artist for Alvarez guitars
He worked with Mogar and performing the guitar parts for the video “I Love My Guitar” on the original song of Erica Romeo and took part to the first edition of the Italian Ibanez Day.
In 2017 he founded the Cristian Marin Trio with which he composes his original songs.
Intense concert activity, currently member of the bands:
Jefferson Cleaners (with Massimo Beretta, Francesco “Checco” Onidi and Roberto Ragazzo)
Fade No More (Faith No More Tribute Band with Walter Bianchi, Davide Faccio, Luciano Lupi, Marco Mambretti.
Bad Wine (with Massimo Beretta)
Steel & Voice (with Miriam Arnaboldi)
He works as a freelance guitarist in Live and Studio sessions.





Since 2016 collaborates with Backline for brands


Cristian Marin Trio born in the summer of 2017.
A project of original instrumental compositions where Cristian wanted to give space to all styles and contaminations that have influenced him in these 25 years of music.
No restrictions or limitations, the songs range from jazz to rock, from blues to ethnic music, from funk to fusion and alternating themes and parts written and arranged and moments of improvisation and interplay.
Cristian Marin Trio includes Massimiliano Varotto at drums(Mikcokosmos Orchestra, Danno Compound, Joyful Singer, Alex Bioli Quartet) and Francesca Morandi at double bass (Sananda Maitreya, Re: Funk, Skassakasta, Final Step).
From the trio comes a music educational project on the composition of original pieces, Cristian and Massimiliano propose this masterclass in all Italy.


Energy&Groove: the watchword!
Jefferson Cleaners offer, with the “power trio” formula, a strong personal reinterpretation of the best songs belonging to the rock-blues-funky-soul tradition in a downright “black” key.
The distinctive trait is the personalization and rearrangement endeavor representing the common thread to all the tracks.
Great experience, talent and proven professionalism define the members who have been particularly active in the whole Italian musical scenario, even with other formations and collaborations, for many years.
Massimo Beretta (voice), Cristian Marin (guitar), Fracensco “Checco” Onidi (bass), Roberto Ragazzo (drums).


Acoustic Duo active since 2007 with Massimo Beretta on vocals and Cristian Marin on guitar.
The Bad Wine offer a repertoire based on reinterpretation with extremely personalized and original arrangements of songs from international rock blues music, including compositions by Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Who, Sting, Police, Joni Mitchell, etc. to traditional blues and soul songs, without forgetting the revival of some jazz standards and a selection of Italian songs.
Not a simple cover project, but a great work of rearrangement that makes the pieces proposed very personal.
Hundreds of dates in Italy and abroad with excellent feedback from the public and critics.
Since December 2017 they are ambassadors of the Shertler / SR Technology group.


Fade No More were formed in 2007 with the aim to make a real show to honor the San Francisco Band with a live performance of pure adrenalin, powerful dynamics and a sound with no compromise.